Add Volume

Give hair a lift with brushes designed to add body and volume. Unique bristle designs and more air-to-hair add boost and bounce!


    Top technology used in these premium brushes makes it easy to achieve salon-quality blowouts at home.

    Boost 2nd Day Hair

    Dry shampoo lovers will fall hard for this Flexihead™ brush, specially designed to evenly distribute dry shampoo.


      Conair makes brushing hair a feel-good experience with comfy handles and lighter weight designs.


      Say goodbye to pulls and tugs when detangling with extra-soft, extra-flexible bristles that glide through wet or dry hair.


      This extensive collection of brushes comes in different colors, textures, sizes and brush heads– perfect for everyday, everywhere styling needs.

      Fight Frizz

      Everybody’s got it. Nobody wants it. Conair puts technology to work to reduce frizz. Perfect brushes for coarse, curly or wavy hair.


      Guys love their hair, so conair makes sure there’s a brush to let them find their technique and perfect their style!

        Reduce Static

        Static can mess up any style. Anti-static technology reduces it to leave hair silky smooth and shiny.


          Everybody’s hair looks good when its natural luster shines through. Conair uses natural boar bristles and cutting-edge technology to make it happen.

          Smooth Thick Hair

          The name says it all. Conair brushes have specially designed bristles that gently smooth even thick and coarse hair.